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we make it easy for you to generate, qualify & connect with local property leads.

How do we do it?


Your days of manual prospecting are over. We source local property leads using our proven lead generation strategy, promising 100% exclusivity with every lead we gather.


When it comes to leads; we choose quality over quantity. To achieve this, we’ve adopted a rigorous vetting process to pre-qualify every lead that makes its way to you.


Imagine starting your week with vetted, qualified prospects waiting to be closed by you. We’ll handle connecting your leads to your CRM platform on a weekly basis.

"We've taken the guessing out of prospecting by replacing it with a tested & proven prospecting system that attracts property leads on autopilot."

Alex Siale | Co-founder @UNCMN

"With prospecting now automated, my business can run like a well-oiled machine!"

Joe Vinten – Property Brokers, Hastings

"There is a point where the hustle of an agent meets it's limit. The only way to scale beyond this ceiling is to build systems that work for you."

Alex Siale | Co-founder @UNCMN

What do we offer?

paid Facebook advertising

Property Marketing

Social media Training

basic property


1 Day Set Up + Advertised Until Sold
1 x Property Listing Campaign
1 x Lead Generation Campaign
1 x Retargeting Campaign
Up to 3 Different Advert Creatives (Video, Single Image, Carousel)
One off Payment Via Stripe
+$300 Minimum Ad Spend Required

premium agency


5 Day Set Up + 3 Month Minimum
3 x Lead Generation Campaigns
2 x Retargeting Campaigns
2 x Property Listing Campaigns
Up to 5 Different Advert Creatives (Video, Single Image, Carousel)
Access to REA Facebook Community
Discounted Subscription to
Monthly Payments Via Stripe
+$500 Minimum Ad Spend Required

pro agent


1 x Lead Generation FB Campaign
1 x Chatbot Qualification Funnel
30 Days of Content for Social Media
2 x 40 minute Private Coaching Calls
Access to REA Facebook Community
Discounted Subscription to
One off Payment Via Stripe
Suitable for New & Experienced Agents

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